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I’m also a Time Lord.

My name is Lisa, I’m a pharmacist by trade, artist and writer by heart. I grew up in Chicago, IL, gravitated toward the 80’s goth scene, especially The Cure, and this is reflected in a lot of my artwork. I like to attempt to produce art that is attractive and yet also unsettling to some degree, hence the name of my store, “Pigtails and Combat Boots”. Kind of like something cute, but with a “bite” to it, which is kind of how I view my personality. I’m an extreme INTJ personality so I may seem quiet and/or shy in person, when I’m actually deep in thought, surveying the details of my surroundings and laying out plans to takeover the U.S. government (call me V.) 😉

I’ve been drawing since I was 4 years old, starting out with drawing countless pictures of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. I took some Art classes in high school that helped me polish my technique and other than that, I’ve pretty much been on my own, learning to use different mediums through my own exploration. At the moment, I’ve been exploring the world of acrylic painting which has been both rewarding and frustrating simultaneously.

I also have a degree in English, so I like to use references to literature in a lot of my artwork, especially the Renaissance period, or relating to the Legends of King Arthur. I like to attempt artisan craft projects that interest me, which led me to learning to make jewelry, which I also sell, as well as other crafty stuff like decoupage boxes, polymer clay sculpture and whatever else my random OCD ADD brain is focused on at any given moment.

I currently live in Phoenix, AZ and after 18+ years as a retail pharmacist I’m realizing that I really need to accomplish something with my artwork in order to be completely fulfilled and happy. My ideal goal would be to be successful enough to leave my pharmacist career and become a full-time artist. My ultimate purpose is to explore the gothic fantasy worlds floating around in my mind and to share these worlds with you through my artwork. Oh yeah, and I also really enjoy making fanart for my many fangirl obsessions

Blitzen, aka “Dogtor Who”

Other than that background stuff, other things I enjoy are…comic books, reading books that give my brain a workout, art and crafts (duh), watching “Doctor Who”“Sherlock”, “Continuum”, “The Blacklist”, “Defiance”, “The Originals”, “Reign”, “Justified”, “The Walking Dead”, and I guess the list is too long (I watch most of them on Hulu and Netflix while I’m drawing),  pagan and metaphysical studies, all things goth, being sarcastic and pondering the sanity of the human race after 20+ years of working in retail. My favorite movie of all time is “V for Vendetta” but I like way too many to list.

My fandoms are Doctor Who, Stargate (Gatehead), The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Sleepy Hollow, the Fallout games, Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossing, and yeah, I’ll stop there.

The pic to the right of these words is of my dog Blitzen in his Eleven costume that I made for him a few years ago. Blitzen passed in April 2013 at the ripe old age of 19 and he took a piece of my heart with him. He was such a regular part of my life for so long, he was my best friend, my protector, my baby, and my shadow. I was pretty sure he was an alien and was somehow going to live forever (he was very strange and neurotic) but alas, that was just wishful thinking 😉

I now have Rory, a Jack-a-ranian that I adopted from RESCUE. He’s totally awesome with a quirky personality as well. He’s only 2 years old, so we have many Doctor Who costumes to create in the future. 🙂

I spend way too much time doing a huge Halloween front yard display every year with my fiance, Doug. If you’re interested, pics of that are here

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